Vuexy – Admin Dashboard Template

🌟 Vuexy Admin Dashboard Template 🌟
🚀 Build: Scalable Web Applications
⚙️ Frameworks: Vue, Nuxt, Next, Laravel
👥 Users: 10M+ End Users
❤️ Trusted: 20K+ Companies
⭐ Reviews: 600+ Reviews
🔄 Tickets: 5,000+ Resolved
🔍 Layouts: Vertical, Horizontal, Dark
🌐 RTL: Enabled in all
📊 Integrations: Bootstrap, SCSS, Gulp
📦 Tools: Chart.js, FullCalendar
📊 Data: Datatable, Apex Charts
🔄 Bundler: Webpack
🌍 i18n: Multilingual Support
💻 Apps: Email, Chat, Calendar
📝 Docs: Extensive Documentation
📖 Pages: 30+ Useful Pages
💡 Front: 15+ Front Pages
⚡ Starter Kit: Rapid Project Setup
🔍 Grid: Custom Grid & List
📊 Compare: Product Comparison
📄 Builder: Mega Menu Builder
🔠 Fonts: Google, Custom, Adobe
💼 Portfolio: 10+ Layouts
🌓 Dark Mode: Supported
🔄 Updates: Regular Updates
📞 Support: Excellent Support

Vuexy is a very versatile and complete admin dashboard template that supports many frameworks such as Nuxt, Next.js, Vue.js, HTML, Laravel, Asp.Net and Django. Its main aim is to help developers to build web applications that are scalable and high performance easily.

Main Features:

Wide Framework Support:

  • It supports popular frameworks like Vue 3, NuxtJS, NextJS 14, Laravel , .Net Core and Django. This ensures flexibility and scalability for different projects..

Pre-defined Layouts:

  • Multiple layout options available including vertical, bordered , semi-dark , dark , horizontal & horizontal dark layouts.
  • RTL (Right-To-Left) support included in all demos.

Rich UI Components:

  • More than 60 stunning demos are included along with 550+ design blocks ,170+ widgets and total 145 pages.
  • Advanced Cards for eCommerce Analytics , CRM Statistics , Interactive Charts etc.,

Ease of Use:

  • Real-time drag-and-drop visual page builder with Elementor integration.
  • No coding required which makes it easy for beginners too.

Optimized for Performance:

  • Built with Bootstrap 5 for responsive design..
  • SCSS used for modular and maintainable stylesheets.. Webpack used for module bundling & task running.

Data Management :

  • Chart.Js & Apex Charts Integration – highly customizable charts & graphs can be created easily using them..
  • Interactive data tables with sorting/filtering/pagination through Datatable

Enhanced Functionality :

  • Email App , Chat App , Calendar App , Kanban App etc.,
  • eCommerce Application with Roles & Permissions .
  • Logistics Application with Invoice Generation feature etc.,
  • Multilingual Capable i18next Support

Customization Options :

  • 900+ Google Fonts & Custom Font Support ..
  • Built-in MegaMenu Builder + Header/Footer Builder saves time while creating complex menus/headers/footers..

Developer-Friendly :

  • Detailed Documentation + Excellent Customer Support/Troubleshooting ..
  • Regular Updates For Compatibility With Latest Technologies Used In Development.

Real-Time Applications :

  • Different Live Demos available for various applications showcasing its versatility and functionality.
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1 thought on “Vuexy – Admin Dashboard Template”

  1. The theme is nice. I don’t like the excessive use of plugins doing magic in the background, but it’s easy to customize.

    Everything is wonderful with this template. I just love it!

    The design is top-notch and easy to use. I was waiting for the app router version to be released, and it was time.


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