Pages – A Comprehensive Review of the Admin Dashboard Template

Feature Details
Title Pages – Admin Dashboard Template
Author ace
Sales 11,391
Rating 4.75 ★
Reviews 677
Comments 3.9K
Highlights Well Documented ✔
License Regular / Extended
Responsive Fully Responsive
Framework Bootstrap 4
Support Full SASS & RTL
Themes 6 Color Themes
Layouts 5 Dashboard Layouts
UI Features Custom Buttons, Font Awesome, Charts
Forms Advanced Form Layouts, Validation, Wizards
Pages Dashboard, 404, 500, Invoice, Gallery
Calendar Exclusive Calendar, 70 Languages

The “Pages-Admin Dashboard Template” is a potent and supple template meant to create the web UI for dashboards and applications. This theme was authored by Ace and has gained popularity through more than 11k sales with an average rating of 4.75 stars from 677 reviews.

Key Features:

Design and Responsiveness: The design of the theme is clean, intuitive, and fully responsive making it work smoothly on all the major browsers, tablets, and phones.

Developer-Friendly: It comes with developer-friendly code that supports Angular 13+, React, and soon Vue as well. Also, it is based on the Bootstrap 4 framework using jQuery 3.2.1 in place.

Customization and Themes: Users can personalize their dashboard through six different color themes together with full SASS support. Furthermore, the theme also supports RTL (Right-to-Left) layouts.

Layouts: There are five useful dashboard layouts available in the theme namely Condensed, Casual, Corporate, Simply White, and Executive. Each layout aims at serving the needs of different user experiences ranging from casual to professional.

UI Features: This theme is filled up with UI features which include custom buttons, Font Awesome icons like various chart options animated notifications modals progress bars tabs accordions sliders tree views, etc.

Form Components: Some advanced form layouts validate multiple file uploads along with some form components like date pickers time pickers dropdowns checkboxes WYSIWYG editors etc., it offers too.

Pages & Templates: Inbuilt pages such as dashboards 404 &500 error pages invoices galleries login &registration pages maps email pages data tables are provided by this one.

Calendar: A feature-rich calendar bundled with multi-viewing capabilities seventy language support some custom events lazy loading RTL layout constitute part of these templates.

Documentation and Support:

It has a well-documented manual so users will understand how to use it well. There is support therefore for anyone who needs an extra hand.

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1 thought on “Pages – A Comprehensive Review of the Admin Dashboard Template”

  1. Excellent work, they have a LOT to offer. Read this comment before you buy any template. In my life, I have bought some good and some average templates. But this one was different.

    Templates are usually designed with a limited view. But Pages feels like these guys have put their heart into every single detail. From the quality of code that is a joy to work with to the way each feature and aspect work together. This template is designed with heart.

    I feel they are charging too little. They should bump up their price definitely. Just a great product. Good job, guys.


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