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🏡 We Find Services Theme Overview 🏡
Help Around the Home
5 Home Pages Choose Your Demo
📝 Describe Your Task Match with Taskers
1️⃣ Choose a Tasker Best for Job
2️⃣ Live Smarter Efficient Task Completion
💰 Subscription Packages Paid Provider Plans
🔗 Buy Job Connects Plans for More Jobs
⭐ Featured Provider Pay for Visibility
💸 Booking Commission Fixed or Percentage
📑 Claim Business Charge Upon Approval

We Find Services for You is a simplified theme that makes it easy for providers to connect with clients who need assistance at home. This WordPress theme suits service-oriented websites where users can describe tasks, find service providers, and schedule services. The following is an in-depth discussion of what this theme offers.

Key Features:

  • Home Page Variants: There are five different types of homepage provided by the theme that allow users to choose the demo best suited to their service model. This means that various services ranging from household repairs to cleaning services find their place on the website.
  • Task Description: Users are able to comprehensively specify their tasks which helps system match them with the most suitable ‘taskers’.

User Experience:

  • Choosing a Tasker: Choosing a tasker for any given job is made simple Users indicate what they require then the theme algorithm gives suggestions on who would be good taskers according to those specifications. With this feature, user satisfaction is improved since every job has its own expert.
  • Live Smarter: The reason why this professional WordPress service finder theme encourages smarter lifestyles is because of the easy connections it facilitates between users and providers in order for tasks every day to be managed conveniently.

Monetization Features:

  • Subscription Packages: During registration, premium sellers will select package among those created by admin so as to make it a revenue generating website.
  • Buy Job Connects: Service providers can buy plans having some connects thereby making them apply more jobs. It allows vendors improve their chances of getting work while still supplementing income for the site owners through such plan purchases.
  • Featured Provider: Providers pay something so that they may be featured on this platform hence be seen more easily by potential customers.
  • Booking Commission: For booking amount, an additional monetization level comes into effect when administrator sets either fixed or percentage commission rate.
  • Claim Business: Vendors have an option to claim their business profiles at a fee and admin may enable or disable this option per profile basis. A certain amount is charged upon approval of a claim hence generating more revenue.
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1 thought on “Service Finder – Business Listing WordPress Theme”

  1. If you are looking for a fully functional, well-coded, fast, and stable business listing theme, this is it! This theme is extremely flexible and customizable even for beginners. I ran into a little issue with some code, and the team at Aonetheme sorted it out for me promptly. They’ve gone out of their way to ensure I’m completely satisfied with my purchase. The Aone team is amazing! I have been working with them for several months; they are true professionals—creative, responsive, and very supportive throughout the development phase of the project and even afterwards for follow-up. I love working with them and will continue to do so for a long time! I highly recommend the services of Aone. Thank you, guys, for the great work!


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