Neon – Bootstrap Admin Theme

🌟 Neon Bootstrap Admin Theme 🌟
Multi-purpose Usage
HTML Files 110+ Included
Admin Dashboard Amazing Options
Front-end Theme Well Designed
Bootstrap Based Bootstrap 3
LESS CSS Enhanced Styling
Responsive All Devices
Rich UI Great Experience
Chat System Chat API
Charts Various Types
Calendar jQuery Integrated
Data Tables Search & Filter
Multiple Layouts Customizable
Mailbox Manage Emails
Invoice Professional Template
Gallery Media Manager
Maps Vector & Google
Extra PSD Files 10+ Included
Notes Notebook Style
Profile Interactive Display
9 Skins Color Options
Support Excellent Help
Tree View Nested Menus
Login/Register Interactive Design
RTL Support Right to Left
Retina Display High Quality

The Neon Bootstrap Admin Theme is a versatile and feature-rich admin template designed for multi-purpose usage. Neon is built using Bootstrap 3.3.5, and it comes with over 110 HTML files that provide various layout options and resources to choose from. This review of the admin theme covers everything you need to know about it including its features and benefits.


  • Admin Dashboard: Neon has an impressive admin dashboard with hundreds of customization options to ensure the best user experience possible. The dashboard is intuitive and easy-to-use, so administrators can efficiently manage their applications.
  • Front-end Theme: Besides the back-end interface, there’s also a well-designed front-end template included in Neon. This template covers all necessary pages like portfolio, blog, gallery or contact pages which makes it a complete solution for both back-end & front-end development.
  • Bootstrap Based: Being built with Bootstrap 3, that’s where its compatibility ends not only with desktops but laptops too; smartphones as well as tablets are fully supported too thanks to this powerful framework by Twitter.
  • Less CSS: NEON utilizes LESS which is a more advanced version of CSS allowing variable usage among other things hence making styling & maintenance an easier process than ever before!

User Experience:

  • Responsive Design: With Neon being fully responsive means no matter what device you’re on your website will look great and work perfectly! Full responsiveness ensures consistency across different platforms providing users with a seamless browsing experience regardless if they use PC’s or phones etc.,
  • Rich User Interface: There are lots of modules & style components included within this theme aimed at enhancing user experience while interacting
  • Multiple Layouts: Administrators may change their backends’ layouts as often as required due to multiple layout options provided by NEON thus providing them flexibility during designing stages itself since it can be done quickly & effortlessly!

Additional Features:

  • Chat System: Built-in chat system in NEON could be integrated into your own system very easily through Chat API allowing real-time communication within an application.
  • Charts: Various types of charts are supported by the theme like area charts, line charts and pie-charts etc. that help keep app statistics visually appealing as well as up-to-date.
  • Calendar: A jQuery calendar has been added to NEON so managing events becomes much easier saving time which ultimately improves productivity too!
  • Data Tables: One of the coolest features offered by NEON is its ability to handle table data display flexibly using AJAX for search filtering & exporting functionalities etc.,
  • Mailbox: Inbox message templates have been included withing NEON enabling users manage emails directly from their dashboards thus reducing time wastage while switching between different apps or software
  • Invoice Template: It comes with professional invoice template which can be customized according to your business needs.
  • Gallery and Media Manager: Efficiently handle galleries, albums, images etc., using media manager included in NEON!
  • Maps: Support for both Vector Maps and Google Maps is provided which helps in displaying location statistics more effectively than ever before possible!!!
  • Extra PSD Files: Over 10 Photoshop files have been included adding even further design flexibility options for those who need them most.

Customization and Support:

  • 9 Skins: Neon offers nine different skins namely default skin, black skin, red skin, blue skin green skin white skin purple skin cafe skin yellow color scheme thus providing a wide range of customizations & branding needs matching capabilities….
  • Tree View: Tree view & nested menus are supported by this theme allowing structured list presentation where required such as product categories under each main category or subcategories beneath parent ones etc.,
  • Assistance and Documentation: Superb support as well as comprehensive documentation have been included in Neon. The team is always ready to help with any problem that may arise while using the theme so that implementation can be made easier and smoother.
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1 thought on “Neon – Bootstrap Admin Theme”

  1. Very nice theme for an admin interface. It has loads of features, but it doesn’t get so opinionated as to get in your way. Good solid theme, just limited form styling, and table data grid themes and styles. The default grey data tables are plain and hard to read. Really flexible, I’m really happy with this. Some things do not work properly, the samples are designed to work, but when you try to customize anything, some elements do not work


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