Limitless – Web Application Kit

🌟 Limitless Admin Template 🌟
πŸ’» Framework: Bootstrap
πŸ–₯️ Layouts: Main, 3 Alternatives
πŸ“„ Pages: 1000+ HTML Pages
πŸ› οΈ Components: 1000+ Components
πŸ”Œ Plugins: 100+ Plugins
πŸ“± Responsive: Fully Responsive
πŸ“ LESS: 100+ LESS Files
🌐 Translation: Translation Ready
πŸ“Š Navigation: Vertical, Horizontal
🎨 Colors: 16 Color Palettes
πŸ“¦ Starter Kit: Blank Pages
πŸ“ Forms: Form Components
πŸ–‹οΈ Editors: Rich Text Editors
πŸ“… Pickers: Date, Time, Color
πŸ”” Notifications: PNotify, Noty
πŸ“Š Visualization: D3.js, ECharts
πŸ“ˆ Tables: Data Tables
πŸ”€ Panels: Sortable Panels
πŸ”„ Updates: Regular Updates
πŸ“ž Support: Professional Support
🎨 Design: Clean, User Friendly
🌍 Language: Fallback, Detection
πŸ” Search: State Saving
πŸ“‹ Panels: Content Panels
πŸ—‚οΈ Icons: Glyphicons, Font Awesome
πŸ“Š Charts: Interactive Charts
πŸ’¬ Chat: Chat Integration
πŸ“… Calendar: FullCalendar
πŸ›’ E-commerce: Invoice Pages
πŸ” Analytics: Google Charts
🧩 Extensions: 100+ Extensions

Unlimited is a professional administrative template that uses the Bootstrap framework. It aims to be a powerful, flexible tool for any web application. This means that it has many features which can help developers create complex web apps quickly and easily.

Key Features:


There are 1 main layout + 3 alternative layouts in Limitless. Each layout has its own unique set of design elements and structural options, catering to different preferences and application needs.

  • Main layout: Dark sidebar with white page header and breadcrumbs line
  • Second layout: Dark sidebar with light navbar, transparent page header and breadcrumbs line component
  • Third layout: Light sidebar with dark navbar, transparent page header, sidebar positioned inside content area
  • Fourth layout: Two navbars, horizontal multi-level navigation, transparent page header

Other additional layout options include static/fixed navbar/footer/sidebar.


  • Limitless comes packed with over 1000 components each serving a particular purpose. We have included a great variety of theming options that allow you to modify the look and feel of your project according to your target audience’s preferences.
  • Furthermore, it includes over 100 plugins and extensions added in for free. They work seamlessly with this product so that no further customization required on your end might be needed here too.


  • The package contains more than 1000 commented HTML pages. Each page is thoroughly documented and structured so it’s easy to understand code structure while still being able make changes accordingly quickly if need be by our developers who worked tirelessly on making sure everything was perfect from start till finish!.
  • A starter kit is also part of package featuring set of blank pages which will help you start building your new project faster way possible.

Responsive Design:

  • This admin panel template fully supports responsive design ensuring its compatibility across mobile devices like tablets smartphones etc… This feature is very important because nowadays people tend not only surf internet sites but also do some work or manage their tasks through various applications installed onto these gadgets.

LESS Pre-Processor:

  • The template is based on LESS pre-processor that includes over 100 commented LESS files corresponding each to single component/layout/page/plugin/extension etc.. so finding necessary piece of code for modification becomes really easy even if you are not an expert in this area yet by now or simply have limited time at your disposal!.
  • Both normal and minified CSS files are included, compiled from LESS – so development production needs catered through one package only!

Translation Ready:

  • Unlimited supports instant language switch which makes it easier adapting app into different languages. It also has fallback languages, language detection and direct translation tool access built right in too.


  • Aside from collapsible & accordion vertical navigation multi-level horizontal navigation with state saving feature is also supported here. Navbar component extended to support more plugins/components (form components buttons links menus progress bars etc.). Mega menu highly customizable let’s developer change color width content according their requirements easily.


  • Limitless provides a custom color system that includes 16 color palettes allowing you create visually appealing applications easily without having spend too much time digging around various css rules trying come up with perfect combination yourself!
  • Also, it has date, time and color pickers with different options and integrations such as Google Maps for location and address picking.

Extra Components:

  • It includes modal dialogs, dropdown menus, tabs, buttons, tooltips, alerts, pagination, labels, badges, progress bars, loaders etc. Thumbnails page headers breadcrumbs media lists sliders syntax highlighters dynamic tree views context menu extensions.


  • The framework has several notification libraries included such as PNotify Noty jGrowl etc. which provides choice full options to alert users.

Content Panels:

  • Draggable sortable panels are available with various style options that help organize content better.

Data Visualization:

  • It supports many data visualization libraries like D3.js ECharts C3 Google Charts etc so you can easily create interactive charts or graphs that look attractive too.


  • There are static responsive tables in this template also advanced data table features like sorting filtering paging column reordering etc.

Custom Pages:

  • Task manager invoicing user profiles login/registration forms timelines chats knowledgebase FAQ search pages media gallery error pages – everything is possible with Limitless!

Continuous Development:

  • This product continuously updated keeping itself compatible latest web standards technologies also gives fast professional support if anything goes wrong during development process.
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1 thought on “Limitless – Web Application Kit”

  1. Excellent framework! Great guy to work with. Would recommend.

    If I can give many reasons, not only design quality, this template has complete features, documentation quality, and customizability.

    Exceptionally well documented and supported.

    This design is clean and beautiful. That is my main reason for recommending it. Additionally, it is:

    – Customizable
    – Full-featured
    – Flexible
    – Well documented
    – Has excellent code quality

    As someone who has to wear a lot of hats through the web development cycle, it is nice to have an excellent front-end web kit like this to help me build my projects.


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