ListingPro – Your All-in-One Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

🌟 ListingPro – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme 🌟
Developer CridioStudio
Sales 30,338
Rating ⭐ 4.86
Features Advanced Search Advanced Filter Custom Form Fields
Front-End Submission Listing Claim Membership Plans
Multi-Criteria Reviews Inbox Messaging Ad Campaigns
Appointment Booking Events Calendar User Dashboard
Admin Dashboard Coupons Listings Stripe, PayPal
Compatibility PHP 8.2
Documentation Well Documented
Support Yes
Updates Regular

ListingPro is a full-featured directory and listing WordPress theme by CridioStudio. It is well documented and has sold over 30,000 copies, which shows that it is well loved.


ListingPro comes with numerous features to meet different types of directory requirements:

  • Advanced Search and Filter: Assists users in finding listings easily and quickly.
  • Front-End Submission: Allows user to submit their listing straight from the front end.
  • Listing Claim: Offers both free as well as paid options for listing claims.
  • Membership Pricing Plans: Monetize the directory using various pricing plans.
  • Multi-Criteria Reviews & Ratings: Feedbacks can also be written along with ratings about the listings for more information about them.
  • Inbox Messaging: Users are able to communicate internally via this feature.
  • Ad Campaigns: Users can promote their listing through ad campaigns targeting specific audiences.
  • Appointment Booking and Events Calendar: Enables scheduling and managing events thereof.
  • User & Admin Dashboards: Full featured dashboards are available for managing listings & users respectively.

Updates and Support

CridioStudio ensures that the theme remains compatible with latest version of WordPress through regular updates which bring new features as well. Besides, the theme supports different payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal among others thereby making flexibilities in payments possible

User Experience

The theme is designed with an interface that is easy-to-use so even those not tech-savvy will easily comprehend it. Moreover, there is an extensive documentation provided together with a strong support system providing further assistance to users’ experience.

Customization and Flexibility

The theme provides several customization choices allowing users to customize it according to their needs. It also has an in-built checkout system as well as multiple premium add-ons increasing its flexibility hence making it suitable for various types of directories.

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1 thought on “ListingPro – Your All-in-One Directory & Listing WordPress Theme”

  1. Syed Abbas Raza helped me install the YP add-on. He was thorough and patient as I followed the instructions. He promptly responded to my questions and walked me through the entire process. Thank you, Abbas. Five-star customer service. Side note: I would recommend Cridio add documentation for add-on installation. I searched for over a day and could not find any help. I saw many others struggling to install as well. Despite the installation and translation of the theme not being part of the support service, I was helped in the best possible way, and all problems were solved. Great customer support! So far good but needs some improvement, but still better than many themes I used.


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