Evento – Versatile and Powerful Event Management Theme

⭐ Feature ⭐ Description
🔹 Theme Evento – Event Management
🔹 Author cosmothemes
🔹 Sales 1,671
🔹 Documentation Well Documented
🔹 Events Unlimited number
🔹 Programs Multi-day support
🔹 Attachments Presentations, Speakers, Sponsors
🔹 Shortcodes Easy page creation
🔹 Files Attach PDFs, DOCs
🔹 Venue Map integration
🔹 Sidebars 10 different
🔹 Social Media Built-in buttons
🔹 Support Via ticket system
🔹 Updates Changelog

Evento is a responsive event management WP theme developed by CosmoThemes. It can be used to fit different events such as conferences, fairs, exhibitions, conventions, workshops, seminars and business meetings. In this article, let us take an overview of its features and capabilities:

Core Features

  • Multiple Events: You can add countless number of events on this template with each having their own program, presentations and/or speakers or sponsors among others. It allows you save on cost since it reduces overheads incurred in hosting separate events within the same year.
  • Multi-day Schedules: For these types of events you are able to create detailed multi-day programs that can be displayed on any page through short codes or widgets thus giving you leeway on how you showcase your event’s timetable.
  • Comprehensive Attachments: Many presentations may be attached to one single event while there may be many speakers or a number of sponsors or exhibitors for another. The benefit is that it enables easy management and organization of content related to events.
  • Easy Page Generation using Shortcodes: You can use the available shortcodes to build pages for conference resources and programs by selecting the type from the list provided leaving everything else to the shortcode itself.
  • File Attachments: Any presentation may have PDF or DOC files attached to them so that participants are able to download essential documents. Future versions will feature improved download restrictions based on user roles.
  • Venue Display: Display your venue by using built in Map/Contact shortcodes. This makes use of Google Maps for showing a clear map with all details about where the event is taking place.
  • Sidebars and Widgets: 10 sidebars are included with Evento which enable you to include several widgets like registration forms, programs, presentations and speakers/sponsors/exhibitors tweets etc., blog posts
  • Social Media Integration: All posts featuring social media share buttons make it easier for users in spreading their word about the event. They can be on or off depending o what is needed for a particular post or feature.
  • Full Documentation: This WP theme also comes with extensive documentation which helps people to start as soon as possible.


The CosmoThemes ticketing system provides support for this theme. In case of any problems or enquiries that arise, developers will respond immediately.

Sales and Popularity

With 1,671 sales so far, Evento is an ideal pick for those who seek event management services. Because of these features and its ease-of-use, it could be useful in creating events and managing them reliably.

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  1. Hello, your theme supports multi-events – that is already very fine. I would like to have one main event on the main page and links to the next few events from the main page. When I go to the next event, I would like to see detailed information about this event as on the main page. Is that possible with this theme? Is it possible to change the speaker’s order by name, publish date, or other options? I was considering buying this theme and have a couple of questions.


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