JupiterX Review: A Game-Changer for WordPress and WooCommerce

🌟 JupiterX – WordPress Theme 🌟
Price $59
Author artbees
Sales 177,801
Updated Recently
Documentation Well Documented
Layout Builder
Mega Menu Builder
Native Widgets
Motion Effects
Role Manager
Popup Builder
Product Lists
Product Filter
Variation Swatches
Checkout Builder
Order Bump
Sales Funnel
Upsell and Downsell
Dynamic Discount
Smart Coupons
Checkout Notices
Shop Analytics
Global Widgets
Custom Fonts
Custom Icons
Custom Code
Open Source
Smart Code
Developer Friendly
Dynamic Loading
Optimized Code
Countless Filters
PHP 7.4-8.1
GDPR Ready

JupiterX is a versatile and powerful WordPress theme built to create websites and online stores with WooCommerce. The artbees-developed theme has extensive customization capabilities and an easy-to-use interface.


JupiterX goes for $59 with a regular license, which includes the price of the theme plus a buyer fee. It allows usage of the theme on one project wherein final users are not charged.

Popularity and Updates

JupiterX has sold over 177,801 times, which makes it constantly updated in line with the latest WordPress standards as well as introducing new features hence making sure that users have leading edge tools all the time.

Key Features

  • Website Creation Tools
  • Advanced Layout Builder with conditional display options
  • Comprehensive Mega Menu builder
  • Native alternatives to most necessary Elementor Pro widgets
  • Integrated Motion Effects & Lottie Animations
  • Robust Popup Builder and Role Manager
  • Personalized product lists and advanced product filtering options
  • Product Variation Swatches and an advanced checkout builder
  • Marketing and Sales Tools
  • Comprehensive Sales Funnel Builder (up/downsell)
  • Personalized upsell/downsell button at single click
  • Dynamic checkout discounts (smart coupons)
  • Smart Coupons + intelligent checkout attention notices (as upselling+downselling)
  • Detailed shop analytics (sales funnel tracking)
  • Customization Options
  • Global widgets for consistent design (same layout)
  • Custom Fonts and Icons for unique branding (logos + symbols)
  • Flexible custom code options (CSS/JS/PHP modifications)

Visual Editing Capabilities

  • Fully visual page builder (WYSIWYG editor)
  • Customizable Header/Footer builders sections zones blocks areas etc.
  • Product page/catalog customization by changing their features look feel appearance etc.
  • Blog/Portfolio customization skins designs appearances styles looks types forms modes etc.
  • Magazine/Pop-up builders are those who can work on any magazine or pop-out advertisement window related projects where widgets cover most of the window.
  • Comprehensive Form builder

Technical Features

  • Built on top of best opensource libraries and plugins
  • Clean, optimized and light-weight codebase
  • Developer friendly with a lot of customisation options (for developers)
  • SEO optimized for better search engine ranking with meta-tags and schema-markup etc.
  • Multi-language and RTL support,
  • Responsive and Retina ready,
  • Automatic updates + integrated plugin manager

Additional Functionalities

  • Customizable 404/search pages: templates that can be altered by the user at will to suit their preferences.
  • Auto-save/revisions history for content safety: it keeps all previous versions as well as saving new ones automatically ensuring security of information.
  • Custom color picker/responsive editor: Color selector that covers the whole range of colors used in HTML 5 websites. This tool may also come in handy for web designers who want to create responsive websites without having to learn how to code or use scripts like JavaScript or CSS3 media queries which could slow down page loading times significantly if done incorrectly due lack knowledge about these technologies themselves (which is always better) + require more time because every single piece needs be coded into separate files instead being contained within one file where everything resides thus simplifying process dramatically).
  • GDPR compliant: a cookie banner that can be customized according to the company’s requirements while still maintaining compliance.
  • Custom shop/single page templates: These are additional product listing templates available exclusively for online platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce but not applicable elsewhere such as offline stores. They can be managed in the same way you manage your other product listings, making them an essential part of any e-commerce website design toolkit aimed at increasing sales rates through conversion optimization techniques!
  • Advanced visual effects like parallax, sticky elements, etc: can make your site stand out from competitors’ sites who use only static imagery without any interactive features whatsoever. But be careful when using too many animations along with scrolling effect because sometimes they might become so heavy that end up slowing down loading times significantly thus users won’t be able even scroll through entire page; also some people don’t like scrolling.


JupiterX is compliant with current WordPress versions, PHP 7.4.x – 8.1.x, Elementor, Elementor Pro, WooCommerce and Gutenberg what provides seamless experience to customers.

Documentation and Support

The theme comes with extensive documentation and reliable support for users to quickly integrate the maximum use of its functions or troubleshoot any problems they might face.

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1 thought on “JupiterX Review: A Game-Changer for WordPress and WooCommerce”

  1. Both my website and my husband’s websites have run on the Jupiter theme for almost 10 years. It’s invaluable to have a theme developer who stands the test of time and provides ongoing support. We’ve rarely had issues, and support has always remedied them. I highly recommend this customizable WP theme. As a web designer with over 1,000 websites, I find Jupiter X versatile and fantastic. You can create 100 different websites without anyone realizing it’s the same theme. It offers complete customization and excellent widgets. I rate it 11/10.


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